As you are no doubt aware by now the 2014 release of Autodesk Products are starting to be come available as of now with AutoCAD products being the first release and other products such as Revit etc will be released throughout the month of April.

If you are a subscription customer and are the content manager then you should have access to your Autodesk Subscription Account to login.  Most of you would have previously logged in and set your delivery option for new product releases to ‘boxed media’ instead of the default download option and therefore will patiently await your boxed product to arrive – right?

Unfortunately not!

Autodesk has now changed systems so that all Subscription Customers in the Asia Pacific region will have their subscription account delivery options reset to Download and override anyone that previously had set it to Boxed media.  You will also then receive an automated email from Autodesk advising you when your updated product version is available for ‘Download’ via your subscription centre account.

As an Autodesk Reseller there is nothing that Graphic Dimensions can do about that and we understand that many of our customers will not be willing to download Gigabytes wirth of data for each required product version you may have available to you due to your internet connection capabilities, download time, and data caps etc.

  1. You can still log into your Subscription Centre account as you normally would after you have received the email from Autodesk notifyning you that your product(s) is available for download.  You will then see an option there where you can Reuest Physical Media.  This should be your first port of call to try and if you need guidance on how to request physical media then click Here!
  2. If you can’t access your Subscription account for various reasons in order to request physical media then please contact either Simon or Scott at Graphic Dimensions and we will be able to assist you in requesting Physical media on your behalf.