Yes that time of year has rolled around once again when our anticipation of the the product release is realized and we look to see what has been added, or not been added.

If you are an Autodesk® Subscription customer with your Revit® products and have already had the 2015 R2 version installed, then many of the ‘New’ features in Revit® 2016 will be of no surprise to you however there are a few extras in there that you wouldn’t have seen still.

Below is the list of enhancements to be found in 2016 by Product Group and Discipline as published by Autodesk®.


Autodesk®Revit® 2016, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2016, Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2016, & Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2016

Platform & Architectural enhancements

  • Enable navigation during redraw
  • Rotate project north
  • Open Sheet view
  • Revision enhancements
  • Selection boxes
  • Rendering enhancements
  • Floors schedule and annotation enhancements
  • IFC links and rooms, use existing geometry
  • Energy Analysis for Revit*
  • A360 collaboration for Revit**

Structural Engineering enhancements

  • Rebar constraints improvements
  • Shapes for path reinforcement
  • Rebar placement precision
  • Improved Rebar length rounding
  • Rebar scheduling improvements
  • Rebar display performance
  • New structural section properties
  • Structural framing content
  • Structural loads improvements
  • Member forces for connection design
  • Gravity analysis


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering enhancements

  • Autodesk MEP fabrication content
  • Specification-driven ductwork
  • Detailed fitting properties
  • Catalog part lists
  • Hanger elements
  • Electrical component support
  • Cross-product workflows
  • Calculation setting options to improve Revit performance
  • Pipe flow units
  • Improved snapping behavior


*Web-based energy analysis is available to Autodesk® Maintenance Subscription and Desktop Subscription customers of editions of suites that contain Autodesk Revit software during the term of their subscription.

**A360 Collaboration for Revit works with all Revit software products and is available through a separately purchased Cloud Subscription.


Autodesk®Revit® LT 2016

Architectural enhancements

  • IFC links and rooms, use existing geometry
  • Floors schedule and annotation enhancements
  • Place Rooms


Structural enhancements

  • Steel profiles (Column and Framing member profiles)
  • Elevation parameters: To improve annotation and scheduling additional Fields have been added
  • Rebar display performance: To improve performance so that views open and update faster,

Multi-Disciplinary enhancements

  • Allow Navigation During Redraw
  • Rotate Project North
  • Open sheet view
  • Revision enhancements
  • Selection boxes

You can see these new features in action on the Autodesk® Youtube What’s New in Revit® 2016 Playlist