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There is a necessity every now and then, to take inventory of the place we now have been and the place we're now, and beauty where all of it went wrong ...

From Rinehart to Bob Brown, Abbott to the Rainbow Serpent ... our once-great land has had its justifiable share of nitwits. Come on a trawl via all of them, with man Rundle (and Dexter Rightwad), at the bin evening Australia needed to have.

Guy Rundle is a author, editor, manufacturer and journalist, inter alia. A widespread contributor to the Age, Sydney Morning usher in and all media – other than the 70 in keeping with cent owned through the Murdochs, at time of writing – he was once a co-editor of area journal for a few years. at the degree he wrote 4 indicates for optimum Gillies: membership Republic, Your Dreaming...

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By 2007, Howard was discovering that there were no more fear genies to rub out of the threat lamp … or something. Nevertheless, you have to give the guy credit. Faced with an assault on all sides from Kevin oh-seven, Howard latched onto the most paradoxical cause imaginable – Aboriginal welfare. In the late 1990s, the Howard-Costello government had stripped $400 million from the Indigenous welfare budget – cuts that meant that key programs and staff positions went unfilled. When in 2007, the Little Children are Sacred report was released, detailing child abuse in Aboriginal communities – a social decline caused in part by those budget cuts – Howard used it to make a final attempt to bang a wedge into the opposition and gain victory by splitting the difference.

WHEN YOU LOOK AT HIS PORTRAIT, with that sharp attitude, and that boxy, pushed-in nose, you have the feeling – rare in contemplating gentlemen of the eighteenth century – that you could talk to him, one-on-one, were you to meet. He seems less the captain in an imperial navy spanning the world than a harried subcontractor, getting the job done. Perhaps that is a measure of our relationship to him, the man who made us. We would not be who we are had James Cook not been who he was – the greatest of captains and explorers, tenacious and practical, a leader without arrogance, a man on whom the modern world pivots.

There are places named after him in Antarctica, Queensland, Polynesia and Alaska. Australia’s Britocentric education has obscured Cook’s signal achievement – he filled in the map, essentially making visible the whole other side of the globe, centred around the Pacific. No conquistador he, a man of enlightenment and faith, carrying with him a curiosity and openness to the world, a lack of received prejudices that put him miles ahead of any who would come after him for decades. Marshalling all those virtues and abilities, by that very process he fucked it all up.

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