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By Alexander Borg

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Cypriot Arabic, an unwritten language and mom tongue of numerous hundred bilingual (Arabic/Greek) Maronites from Kormakiti (N.W. Cyprus), advanced from a medieval Arabic colloquial dropped at the island by way of Christian Arab migrants (probably from Asia Minor and Syria). It represents the result of a distinct linguistic and cultural synthesis drawing on Arabic, Aramaic, and Greek; its Arabic part additionally indicates a hybrid areal profile combining higher Syrian characteristics with formal positive factors commonplace of the modern S.E.Anatolian-Mesopotamian dialectal continuum. a few infrequent Aramaic substratal parts in Cypriot Arabic recommend a comparatively early separation of its guardian dialect from mainstream Arabic. This lexicon surveys approximately 2000 Cypriot Arabic phrases opposed to the heritage of intensive comparative fabric from the Arabic dialects, outdated Arabic, and colloquial and literary kinds of Aramaic. Many Cypriot Arabic phrases are the following brought up with illustrative examples and ethnographic remark the place appropriate. Cypriot Arabic is an endangered language; the current word list is the main accomplished lexical list of this scientifically fascinating number of peripheral Arabic. it truly is basically meant for orientalists and linguists focusing on comparative Semitics and Arabic dialectology.

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DSS Aram qafSlS/qass 'Presbyter' (Beyer 1984:755); eyA klrpan l~g~~s~uation < Ar qurbfin - Syriac qtJrbOIlO - Heb qorbdn, etc. , d' "If asked what 95 . I staIesus e . - th·IS I ' S still. t e correckon ",,~with the growmg . anSWer Aramaic. To my way of thmJUng, COmmonly used language but the defense of this theSIS ~u~t re~sed as well. 1 would. mass of evi~ence that bo th Greek and He~rew were ;~~~ Greek as Aramaic was however, heSitate to say with M. t spoken in Palestine" (1979:38). As far as Hebre~ IS conc~rne been written wilhm tht this is "the language of virtually every text beheved to f i~{e safe 10 assume that JesU!

OUot Baldwin of Guines offered it to t e 67 The impact of Greek on Classical Arabic has been discussed in Schall (1982) and profusely surveyed in (Endress/Gutas 2002). ervaslveness of Greek loans and their remarkable stablhty over tune in vernacular Arabic, for instance. in Greater Syria, Asia Minor and Egypt (on the latter, cf. ' Observe, by way of example, Rabbm \ Aram 'prgh 'whip' (Sokol 1990:444) 127 _ Syriac purkala 'bond, strap . 127 Ka~fterm IS not listed in Goitein (1941). , man (1994:247) here prefers the gloss 'rebuke, waro.

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