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Y . 1 The present phonemic analysis differs from his analysis in several minor details. The segmental phonemes of Mohave are : Consonants: ρ ν m Semiconsonants : Vowels : t θ c s k? k k w k kw ' h hw é η ny 1 IV r y i e w u o a According to this analysis, the series of stops in Mohave almost parallels that in Walapai. The retroflex alveolar stop, which Kroeber recorded in his 1911 monograph, 2 is not posited as a phoneme here. Undoubtedly the sound was present in Mohave speech fifty years ago, but was not recorded either in my own data nor in Winter's, and a check of the tape-recorded material failed to indicate a contrast between the stops of imdt 'body' and amdt 'earth', the cognates of which clearly show a t¡\ contrast in several of the Yuman languages.

This pattern may be expanded to (C)CV(')C(C), in which the initial added consonant is a spirant and the final one a stop. Illustrations of this pattern are: smárk 'ear', smá'k 'to sleep', hmá' 'quail', Qpirk 'hard'. » IJAL, 23 (1957), p. 22. 30 THE PHONEMES OF WALAPAI For bisyllabic words the predominant phonotactic pattern is CV(C)CV(')C(C) as in civOP 'liver', madi'l 'thigh', Bampfrrk 'a fly', θατάρ 'five'. Another common phonotactic pattern for words of more than one syllable is (V)CV(")C(V), where an unstressed vowel may occur initially or finally, as illustrated by yáki 'cradle', ucP 'charcoal'.

Less common are clusters with a lateral as first member: Icés 'little', Icúc 'spider'. There are a few instances in which a stop forms the first member of a cluster : psúx 'to blow', cpá 'coyote'. Clusters of three consonants occur, although they are infrequent in my data. Examples : pxká 'seven', pxkwirx 'to follow', spxúk 'eight'. There are no vowel clusters posited for Cocopa. g. sayi [sai-] 'buzzard', wamdl [oamál] 'broom'. VIII. THE PHONEMES OF DIEGUEÑO The segmental phonemes of Diegueño are : Consonants : ρ m Semiconsonants : Vowels : t c k s s χ η ny ly 1 r kw xw y i e w u a Due to the limited amount of data available in Diegueño, the above phonemicization must be considered tentative.

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