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This booklet is a brief yet detailed and cautious creation to the topic of practical research. It covers the fundamental issues that may be present in a uncomplicated graduate research textual content. however it additionally covers extra refined issues reminiscent of spectral idea, convexity, and fixed-point theorems. a different function of the publication is that it features a nice many examples or even a few functions. It concludes with a press release and facts of Lomonosov's dramatic consequence approximately invariant subspaces

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If S is not dense in H , then E ¤ H , so that E ? contains some nonzero element. Therefore fu˛ g is not maximal if S is not dense, and we see that (a) implies (b). Suppose that (b) holds. Fix x 2 H and > 0. Since S is dense, there is a finite set u˛1 ; u˛2 ; : : : ; u˛k such that some linear combination of these vectors has distance less than from x. ˛j / for the coefficients of u˛j . ˛k /u˛k ; zk < . Therefore kxk < kzk C . 9/ and the Bessel inequality. We can write the equation in (c) as hx; xi D hy x ; xyi ; where the inner product on the right is that in `2 .

X; y/ 7 ! y from X Y to Y . The open mapping theorem guarantees that ous. Trivially 2 is continuous. Therefore ƒD 2 ı 1 1 W X ! G is continu- 1 1 is continuous, as was to be proved. We close this discussion by noting that a common, and commonly used, formulation of the closed graph theorem is this: Theorem: Let ƒ be a linear mapping of Banach space X to Banach space Y . 1 ƒxj exist, it is true that y D ƒx. Then ƒ is continuous. We leave it to the reader to check that our two formulations of the closed graph theorem are equivalent.

This is a standard result with a standard proof— see, for instance, [RUD1], [RUD2]. Let ı D inffkxk W x 2 Eg. So ı is the “least norm” that we are discussing. x C y/=2 2 E. 2/ If it happens to be the case that both x and y are elements of smallest norm, then kxk D ı and kyk D ı. Hence the last line tells us that x D y. That takes care of the uniqueness part of the proposition. Certainly the definition of ı tells us that there is a sequence fyj g in E so that kyj k ! ı as j ! 1. Apply (2) to yj and yk .

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