Download e-book for iPad: A Weapon Of Couterpropaganda Oruzhie Kontrpropagandy by Ivan Kharkevich

By Ivan Kharkevich

ISBN-10: 590340605X

ISBN-13: 9785903406050

Leningrad artist Ivan Kharkevich's entrance Album is a distinct old and inventive rfile of the second one global conflict. Kharkevich has accumulated an important examples of the crimson Army's "weapon of counterpropaganda" - his drawings and photomontages for newspapers, leaflets and different Agitprop, together with prints and drafts of various anti-war propaganda posters from 1941-1945. The compilation is the 1st copy of Kharkevich's wartime paintings in one paintings. The publication opens with a quick memoir Kharkevich wrote in Nineteen Seventies describing his battle years.

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A Weapon Of Couterpropaganda Oruzhie Kontrpropagandy by Ivan Kharkevich

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