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By Robert Adams

ISBN-10: 0708881351

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While so doing, he noted with mild surprise that her mind was that of an incipient mindspeaker, an inexperienced and completely untrained telepath. Bettylou Hanson opened her eyes to see the freckled face — even more freckled than her own — of the man who had tied her to the elm tree hovering over her, concern and worry evident upon it and shining from the blue-green eyes under the thick auburn brows. Glancing to her left, she could see the bigger, darker, black-haired man squatting between two monstrous long-fanged cats.

You must understand Bettylou, we of the Horseclans lead a life that is most often hard, though more often rewarding. And though we live freer than any other race of folk, our lives are fraught with daily dangers, some of them deadly. Men of the Horseclans do the bulk of the fighting, almost all of the raiding and the larger part of the hunting of bigger, more dangerous animals. ” “Tim has already lost two brothers, One of them drowned as a child while the clan was crossing a river, the other — who was Djahn Staiklee’s firstborn — was slain three years ago while riding a raid.

The tall man smiled fleetingly. “We all are Horseclansmen, Bettylou. I am called Milo Morai. While some few of the more southerly clans do take the heads of and mutilate the dead bodies of their foemen — which practices they learned from an even more southerly people, the Mexicans — Clans Krooguh and Skaht do not, and it is their young men who make up this raiding party of mine. ” He jokingly mindspoke, “Unless members of the Clan of Cats are taking to munching manflesh on the sly . ” Elkbane beamed aggrievedly, “Please, Uncle Milo, don’t think things so unpleasant, so sickening, so soon after I’ve eaten that cold mutton.

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