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By R.A. Ridha, M. Theves

ISBN-10: 1847359930

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ISBN-10: 1859570305

ISBN-13: 9781859570302

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7 TRACTION & HANDLING The handling performance of a tyre is determined by the forces generated at the interface of the tyre with the road. The cornering properties of the tyre define the forces and moments generated in the footprint as a function of an applied slip angle; at small slip angles, the cornering properties are controlled by the elastic properties of the tyre; at larger slip angles, tyre-road traction becomes the controlling factor. Handling tests may be conducted on either dry or wet roads to evaluate a vehicle's steering response, steering precision, cornering and tracking.

1993, pA4-52 DIMENSIONALLY STABLE POLYESTERS REPLACING RAYON IN EUROPEAN TYRE MARKET Rim P B; Nelson C J; Liu D S Allied-Signal Inc. In light of environmental concerns, performance goals and the increasing cost of rayon, advanced polyester fibres offer a potential alternative to rayon for tyre reinforcement. By virtue of their high dimensional stability, polyesters such as IX30 DSP and IX40 DSP fibres from Allied-Signal can offer tyres excellent uniformity, durability and physical appearance, as well as allowing custom tailoring of cord properties to match the particular needs of a given manufacturer.

16 refs. 500868 Item 49 Tire Sci. Technol. -Dec. 202-19 UNEVEN WEAR OF VEHICLE TYRES WaIters H SP Tyres (UK) Ltd. New experimental techniques are described which have been developed to study treadwear distributions. These techniques were evaluated and their results compared with a finite element analysis. 8 refs. 36-9 Russian CALCULATION, DESIGNING AND OPTIMISATION OF THE TYRE VULCANISATION PROCESS Item 52 Rubb. 1993, pA4-52 DIMENSIONALLY STABLE POLYESTERS REPLACING RAYON IN EUROPEAN TYRE MARKET Rim P B; Nelson C J; Liu D S Allied-Signal Inc.

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