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On opening the cut-out would you see pattern A or B? A B WHICH HOLDS MORE? Suppose these six containers were set outside to measure rainfall. Which bottle would collect the smallest amount of rain? Which would fill up first? 15 36 +47 98 +2 100 8 54 9 1 7 6 3 2 0 What rule was followed when these numbers were arranged? Here are digits from 1 to 9 arranged so they equal 100. Can you find another way to do this? What number can be added to 7 or multiplied by 7 to give the same answer. 55 TWENTY TRIANGLES MAKE A PERFECT SQUARE Using a little logic and twenty identical triangular pieces you can arrange them in an orderly fashion to construct a perfect square.

On the appointed day the oldest child led them. As always, even in this terrible situation, Korczak had arranged things so that a child rather than an adult would be the leader of other children. He walked immediately behind this leader, holding the hands of the two smallest children. Korczak sacrificed himself to keep his trust with the children, when he could have easily saved himself. With his many friends in high places it was very easy for him to escape. But as the head and leading light for thirty years of the Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, Korczak was determined not to desert any of the children who had put their trust in him.

1. Mix bits of scraped soap, detergent, liquid soap and water in a glass. Add a spoon of glycerine. Try and experiment to get the right mix. Water 3. Twist the ends of the wire to make a handle. 6. Bend the handle upwards at an angle of 45-degrees. 9. Now move your hand briskly to produce an elongated soap bubble. 4. Wrap another wire on the circular hoop. 7. Dip it in soap solution. 5. This increases the surface area. This enables you to pick up more soap solution and make bigger soap bubbles.

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