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By Krivenko, P. V.; Roy, D. M.; Shi, Caijun

ISBN-10: 0203390679

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22 Alkaline activators a given content of alkali Na2 O , an increase in modulus of the system leads to an increase in viscosity. When the modulus of a solution is greater than 4 but lower than 25, it tends to form a gel, which has a very low viscosity. For a given concentration and modulus, the nature of the silicate anions in the solution has a great effect on viscosity of the solution. Therefore, viscosity can reflect the difference in silicate anions to a great extent, but cannot be used to determine these silicate anions (Christophlienk 1985).

12 Ranges of the 29 Si chemical shift of the silicate structural units (based on Hoebbel and Ebert 1988). 0 Percentage of structural units (%) Q0 Q1 2 Qcy−3 Q2 Q3 Q4 1 12 20 7 25 31 0 22 28 33 36 13 53 6 0 7 0 0 10% higher than those in a solution made from anhydrous Na2 SiO3 (Dent Glasser and Lachowski 1980). Concentration of sodium silicate solutions also affects the mean condensation degree of silicate anions. 13), which indicates a decreased mean condensation degree of the anions. 1 M sodium silicate solution.

Korneev and Brykov 2000, Aborin et al. 2001). 1 Introduction Sodium sulphate, also known as disodium sulphate Na2 SO4 , in its natural form is found in two principal minerals: thenardite (anhydrous Na2 SO4 and mirabilite Na2 SO4 · 10H2 O . Thenardite, the anhydrous form, was named after the French chemist, Louis Jacques Thenard (1777–1875). Mirabilite, the hydrous form, is commonly called Glauber’s salt as it was discovered by German chemist J. R. Glauber (1603–1668). 32% SO3 . It ranges from colourless to white and may be tinted shades of grey or brown.

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