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In 1897, as a white oligarchy made plans to permit the USA to annex Hawai'i, local Hawaiians geared up a big petition force to protest. Ninety-five percentage of the local inhabitants signed the petition, inflicting the annexation treaty to fail within the U.S. Senate. This occasion was once unknown to many modern Hawaiians till Noenoe ok. Silva rediscovered the petition within the strategy of gaining knowledge of this ebook. With few exceptions, histories of Hawai'i were established solely on English-language assets. they've got now not taken into consideration the millions of pages of newspapers, books, and letters written within the mom tongue of local Hawaiians. by means of conscientiously reading a lot of those records, Silva fills a very important hole within the old list. In so doing, she refutes the long-held concept that local Hawaiians passively permitted the erosion in their tradition and lack of their country, displaying that they actively resisted political, financial, linguistic, and cultural domination. Drawing on Hawaiian-language texts, basically newspapers produced within the 19th century and early 20th, Silva demonstrates that print media was once critical to social verbal exchange, political organizing, and the perpetuation of Hawaiian language and tradition. a robust critique of colonial historiography, Aloha Betrayed offers a much-needed historical past of local Hawaiian resistance to American imperialism.

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He died in the battle at Kuamo¿o, outside of Kailua, Kona. ’’∑π Some historians have suggested that Ka¿ahumanu was seeking political power, but she had achieved that without establishing ¿ai noa. ∑∫ Moreover, the other ali¿i had not objected to Ka¿ahumanu assuming this new o≈ce. Kame¿eleihiwa explains that historians have tended to ignore the significance of the mass death to the institution of the ¿ai noa: ‘‘Epidemic disease and massive death were signs of loss of pono, but Kamehameha— who ruled at the time—was the epitome of a pono Ali ¿i.

The main beneficiaries of the m¯ahele were the haole advisers and some ali¿i nui. Kame¿eleihiwa has documented the large acquisitions of land by those advisors who were the architects of both the m¯ahele and the subsequent body of private property law in Hawai¿i. Even G. P. ∞∞Ω the legacy of kauikeaouli From his childhood as the young m¯o¿¯ı Kamehameha III until his death in 1854, Kauikeaouli led Hawai¿i through the multiple challenges to his nation’s sovereignty and to his people’s dignity. With his council of ali¿i nui, which included women, along with his haole advisers, he transformed Hawai¿i into a nation-state recognized by the would-be colonizing nations, and in doing so he preserved his nation’s independence.

In the time of ¿Auanini (Kamakau did not speculate on the date), a ship of haole arrived; the captain was named Mololana, and his wife, named M¯araea, was on the ship as well. Kamakau says it is not known whether they settled in the islands or sailed away again. d. ∞∫ Kamakau dates K¯uali¿i’s life from 1555 to 1730 (these dates serve only as mere guides, however, because the Kanaka system of dating was based on genealogy rather than anything analogous to the European system of years). ∞Ω It is to this substantial genealogy of travelers that Kamakau adds the story of Captain Cook, purposefully disrupting the story told by haole that Cook appeared magically and suddenly as a unique phenomenon, ¯ to the shock and amazement of the Kanaka ¿Oiwi.

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