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By Oscar Wilde

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At the floor, Sir Robert Chiltern is a perfect husband—he has a powerful function as a member of the home of Commons and is often good in public and in inner most. His spouse, woman Chiltern, is happy with their privileged lifestyles.

What she doesn't comprehend is that Sir Robert’s preliminary upward thrust to strength used to be based in somewhat shady conditions, and over the process twenty-four hours, those prior indiscretions threaten to come back to mild, and the destiny of the Chiltern’s marriage is quickly at stake.

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Diligence and attention soon gave him the knack of it, and he strode down the street with his mouth full of harmony and his soul full of gratitude. He felt much as an astronomer feels who has discovered a new planet––no doubt, as far as strong, deep, unalloyed pleasure is concerned, the advantage was with the boy, not the astronomer. The summer evenings were long. It was not dark, yet. Presently Tom checked his whistle. A stranger was before him––a boy a shade larger than himself. A new comer of any age or either sex was an impressive curiosity in the poor little shabby village of St.

You think you’re some, now, don’t you? ” “You can lump that hat if you don’t like it. ” “Well why don’t you do it then? What do you keep saying you will for? Why don’t you do it? ” Another pause, and more eyeing and sidling around each other. 16 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Presently they were shoulder to shoulder. ” So they stood, each with a foot placed at an angle as a brace, and both shoving with might and main, and glowering at each other with hate. But neither could get an advantage. After struggling till both were hot and flushed, each relaxed his strain with watchful caution, and Tom said: “You’re a coward and a pup.

Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, for part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked, and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in. The Author. Hartford, 1876. This page intentionally left blank CONTENTS chapter i Y-o-u-u Tom––Aunt Polly Decides Upon her Duty–– Tom Practices Music––The Challenge––A Private Entrance 11 chapter ii Strong Temptations––Strategic Movements––The Innocents Beguiled 18 chapter iii Tom as a General––Triumph and Reward––Dismal Felicity––Commission and Omission 23 chapter iv Mental Acrobatics––Attending Sunday-School––The Superintendent––‘Showing off’––Tom Lionized 29 chapter v A Useful Minister––In Church––The Climax 38 chapter vi Self-Examination––Dentistry––The Midnight Charm––Witches and Devils––Cautious Approaches––Happy Hours 43 chapter vii A Treaty Entered Into––Early Lessons––A Mistake Made 53 chapter viii Tom Decides on his Course––Old Scenes Re-enacted 58 chapter ix A Solemn Situation––Grave Subjects Introduced––Injun Joe Explains 63 chapter x The Solemn Oath––Terror Brings Repentance––Mental Punishment 69 8 Contents chapter xi Muff Potter Comes Himself––Tom’s Conscience at Work 75 chapter xii Tom Shows his Generosity––Aunt Polly Weakens 79 chapter xiii The Young Pirates––Going to the Rendezvous––The Camp-Fire Talk 83 chapter xiv Camp-Life––A Sensation––Tom Steals Away from Camp 90 chapter xv Tom Reconnoiters––Learns the Situation––Reports at Camp 95 chapter xvi A Day’s Amusements––Tom Reveals a Secret––The Pirates take a Lesson––A Night Surprise––An Indian War 99 chapter xvii Memories of the Lost Heroes––The Point in Tom’s Secret 107 chapter xviii Tom’s Feelings Investigated––Wonderful Dream––Becky Thatcher Overshadowed––Tom Becomes Jealous––Black Revenge 110 chapter xix 118 Tom Tells the Truth chapter xx Becky in a Dilemma––Tom’s Nobility Asserts Itself 120 chapter xxi Youthful Eloquence––Compositions by the Young Ladies–– A Lengthy Vision––The Boy’s Vengeance Satisfied 125 chapter xxii Tom’s Confidence Betrayed––Expects Signal Punishment 131 Contents 9 chapter xxiii Old Muff’s Friends––Muff Potter in Court––Muff Potter Saved 134 chapter xxiv Tom as the Village Hero––Days of Splendor and Nights of Horror––Pursuit of Injun Joe 140 chapter xxv About Kings and Diamonds––Search for the Treasure––Dead People and Ghosts 141 chapter xxvi The Haunted House––Sleepy Ghosts––A Box of Gold––Bitter Luck 147 chapter xxvii Doubts to be Settled––The Young Detectives 154 chapter xxviii An Attempt at No.

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