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. Example 1-1. -- Specify the compiler to use. -- Specify what to compile. xml Project base dir set to: /home/ian/javasrc/starting Executing Target: init Executing Target: compile Compiling 19 source files to /home/ian/javasrc/starting/build Performing a Modern Compile Copying 22 support files to /home/ian/javasrc/starting/build Completed in 8 seconds $ See Also The following sidebar and Ant: The Definitive Guide by Steve Holzner (O’Reilly).

I am not aware of this having happened, but it still worries me. org. xml. html. Figure 1-11 shows a search for my darwinsys-api project, and the information it reveals. Note that the dependency information listed there is all you need to have the library added to your Maven project; just copy the Dependency Information section and paste it into the of your POM, and you’re done! Because Maven Central has become the definitive place to look for software, many other Java build tools piggyback on Maven Central.

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An Introduction to Network Programming with Java: Java 7 Compatible (3rd Edition) by Jan Graba

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