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2-13). 114). The subdivisions of the ectodermal ADENOHYPOPHYSIS are difficult to homologize in different groups. It has recently been recommended (Pickford and Atz, 1957) that the noncommittal terms pro-, meso- and meta-adenohypophysis should be used for fish and that these should only be very tentatively homologized with the three parts recognizable in most tetrapods, namely the PARS TUBERALIS, the PARS DISTALIS and the PARS INTERMEDIA (Fig. * Of these, the pars distalis is usually the largest and appears to be the main source of hormones.

The pars tuberalis surrounds the infundibular stalk. The shapes and relative sizes of these parts * Unfortunately, the old nomenclature is still to be found in many books; in this, the pars intermedia, although formed from the same tissue as the rest of the adenohypophysis or "anterior lobe of the pituitary", is included with the pars nervosa in the so-called "posterior lobe of the pituitary"; this is due to its morphological position in some mammals. Other writers use posterior lobe as synonymous with the neural lobe, or pars nervosa, only (Fig.

2-11). In fish, hypophysial arteries from the internal carotids break up into a vascular plexus, which penetrates the whole organ and eventually drains into venous sinuses under the skull. ) In Urodela, the arterioles pass first to the pars tuberalis and thence to the capillary plexus of the pars distalis and pars nervosa. The pars intermedia hardly has any share in the blood supply. In the Anura and amniotes, the plexus in the pars tuberalis penetrates into the median eminence and then the vessels join up to form a number of portal veins which break up into a secondary venous plexus in the pars distalis (Fig.

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