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By Karel Capek

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ISBN-13: 9781936053101

The tales during this assortment take on nice occasions and figures of heritage, delusion, and literature in unforeseen methods, wondering perspectives on such easy strategies as justice, development, knowledge, trust, and patriotism.

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Whether I draw a small circle or a large circle, it’s still only a circle. There are still frontiers — you will never be without frontiers, Lucius. Do you think a large circle is more perfect than a small circle? ” “You Greeks are forever playing with arguments,” Capt. Lucius objected. ” “Action. For instance, we have conquered your Syracuse. Ergo, Syracuse belongs to us. ” “It is,” Archimedes said, and he scratched his head with his stylus. “Yes, you have conquered Syracuse, except that it is not and never will be the same Syracuse it was before.

I believed in the Lord because He seemed to me the God of Sodom; if there is no Sodom, there is no Lord. “Oh gates, gates of Sodom, where are they leading me and into what emptiness? Where shall I set my foot? For there is no ground beneath me: and I stand as if I stood not. " The sun was risen upon the earth when they said this. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven. Then Lot looked round and cried out and ran back towards the city. ” the angels called after him.

But wisdom always remains above and beyond individual tasks. The wise man is like a gardener fertilizing a flower bed or fastening a rose to a stake, who all the while may be thinking of God. His work neither contains nor embodies his wisdom. Reason lies in action, but wisdom lies in experience. Wise poets and artists, however, are able to put experience into their work; they offer their wisdom not in deeds, but directly in the form of experience. This, then, is the singular and special value of art, and nothing in the world can compare with it.

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