Applied scanning probe methods X: biomimetics and industrial by Bharat Bhushan, Harald Fuchs, Masahiko Tomitori PDF

By Bharat Bhushan, Harald Fuchs, Masahiko Tomitori

ISBN-10: 3540740848

ISBN-13: 9783540740841

The luck of the Springer sequence utilized Scanning Probe tools I–VII and the speedily increasing actions in scanning probe improvement and functions all over the world made it a average step to gather additional speci c leads to the elds of improvement of scanning probe microscopy thoughts (Vol. VIII), characterization (Vol. IX), and biomimetics and business purposes (Vol. X). those 3 volumes supplement the former set of volumes less than the topic themes and provides perception into the hot paintings of major experts of their respective elds. Following the culture of the sequence, the chapters are prepared round ideas, characterization and biomimetics and commercial purposes. quantity VIII makes a speciality of novel scanning probe ideas and the certainty of tip/sample interactions. issues comprise close to eld imaging, complex AFM, s- cializedscanningprobemethodsinlifesciencesincludingnewselfsensingcantilever structures, combos of AFM sensors and scanning electron and ion microscopes, calibration tools, frequency modulation AFM for software in drinks, Kelvin probe strength microscopy, scanning capacitance microscopy, and the dimension of electric delivery houses on the nanometer scale. Vol. IX specializes in characterization of fabric surfaces together with structural in addition to neighborhood mechanical characterization, and molecular structures. the quantity covers a large spectrum of STM/AFM investigations together with fullerene layers, strength spectroscopy for probing fabric houses quite often, organic lms .and cells, epithelial and endothelial layers, clinical similar platforms resembling amyloidal aggregates, phospholipid monolayers, inorganic lms on aluminium and copper - ides,tribological characterization, mechanical homes ofpolymernanostructures, technical polymers, and close to eld optics.

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