Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Age - download pdf or read online

By Daniel T. Rodgers

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Conscious of America's backwardness not like eu development, Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 referred to as his kingdom "The such a lot belated of nations". Princeton historian Daniel Rodgers recounts America's efforts to fix the wear of unbridled capitalism.

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10 Into the twentieth century, the contrast between New World democracy and Old World tyranny continued to shape American travelers' reports of Europe. " A decade later Booker T. Washington set off for Europe, taking as his guide and ghostwriter Robert E. Park, who had spent four years as a student in turn-of-the-century Germany. Park introduced Washington to European socialists, labor unionists, and social reformers; together they were taken on a tour of the achievements of London "municipal socialism" by John Burns, the labor radical of the 1880s who now sat in the British cabinet; they left the well-beaten tourist paths for the villages of Bohemia, Poland, and southern Italy to see the African-Americans' newest immigrant competitors at their source.

It was to further that immediatist project that Alexandre Millerand had consented to join a moderate reformist French government in 1899, the first socialist to occupy a seat in any modern European cabinet, and in that capacity to preside over the opening of the exposition itself. "17 But where middle-class social economists accepted the constraints of political economy, the raison d'etre of socialism was the necessity of reconstructing relations of power and property from the ground up. Short of that, the turn-of-the-century socialists' stance toward state authority was a matter of deep, inner conflict.

Through the social democratic parties on the European continent, the Labour Party in Britain, and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) and the New Deal left in the United States, the welfare states of the twentieth century had arisen in a great upwelling of hope and power from below. Where the working class did not have the capacity to act politically by and for itself, it had gained its way by forcing concessions from the class in power through strikes and workplace resistance, through riots and demonstrations, or through threats to destabilize the balance of parties.

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