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By Tim Gilles

ISBN-10: 1435486412

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Automobile Engines: prognosis, fix, Rebuilding 6E is a perfect ebook to construct readers technical services and significant pondering talents, whereas supplying them with info on present traits and matters. It comprises up to date, actual, and complete info on what's had to diagnose, fix, and rebuild car engines.

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If FWD drive shafts are not of equal length, a car with substantial horsepower will experience torque steer. Torque steer is when the vehicle pulls to one side under heavy acceleration. 26 Displacement is a measurement of the cylinder’s volume. ENGINE CLASSIFICATIONS Engines are classified according to their displacement and valve arrangement. 26). 27). This design has a more direct path of air-fuel flow than earlier engine designs. 7854 × Number of Cylinders = Displacement I-head The larger the displacement, the larger the engine.

8), an already soiled shop towel, or absorbent mats or pads. Greasesweep is an absorbent material like rice hull ash or kitty litter. It is swept up and reused until it becomes too wet. In fact, it works better when slightly wet because the dust that results when using new greasesweep is avoided. 6 When drying parts with compressed air, blow solvent back into the solvent tank. Coolant spills are best cleaned with a squeegee. Mixing water and coolant with oily greasesweep makes a muddy mess. 9 Fire extinguishers.

Three-wire electrical tools are the best choice for commercial work. 14). If you use a homeownertype tool with a two-wire plug, it should be double insulated. Traditional automotive wiring color is black for ground and red for positive, but in commercial wiring the green wire is for ground. CASE HISTORY An electrical plug on a drill with a metal housing was damaged, requiring replacement. A mechanic bought a new three-wire plug, cut and stripped drill). When he plugged the drill into the wall, he was holding it in his hand and received a dangerous electrical shock.

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