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By Douglas Preston

ISBN-10: 0641958374

ISBN-13: 9780641958373

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Isabella is behave strange,” said Volkonsky. ” Hazelius said, from his position at the center of the Bridge. ” Dolby rolled his eyes. Volkonsky was such a pain. ” Volkonsky typed furiously on the keyboard; then he swore in Russian and whacked the monitor with the flat of his hand. ” asked Mercer. “Give it a minute more,” said Hazelius. “Ninety-nine point nine,” said Dolby. In the past five minutes, the room had gone from sleepy to bug-eyed awake, tense as hell. Only Dolby felt relaxed. “I agree with Kate,” said Volkonsky.

The countdown begins. . 1 JULY KEN DOLBY STOOD BEFORE HIS WORKSTATION, his smooth, polished fingers caressing the controls of Isabella. He waited, savoring the moment, and then he unlocked a cage on the panel and pulled down a small red bar. There was no hum, no sound, nothing to indicate that the most expensive scientific instrument on earth had been turned on. Except that, two hundred miles away, the lights of Las Vegas dimmed ever so slightly. As Isabella warmed up, Dolby began to feel the fine vibration of her through the floor.

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