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The targets of this 3rd version of an SAE vintage name are to supply readers with the elemental theoretical basics and analytical instruments essential to layout braking structures for passenger cars and vans that agree to protection criteria, reduce patron lawsuits, and practice competently and successfully prior to and whereas digital brake controls turn into active.

summary: The ambitions of this 3rd version of an SAE vintage name are to supply readers with the elemental theoretical basics and analytical instruments essential to layout braking structures for passenger cars and vans that conform to security criteria, reduce shopper proceedings, and practice correctly and successfully prior to and whereas digital brake controls develop into energetic

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Therefore, the danger given by the product of hazard consequences and frequency is low relative to diagonal-split brake systems and brake fluid vaporization. We should, however, recognize that under abnormal yet somewhat foreseeable conditions, diagonal split systems may fail due to brake fluid vaporization. These abnormalities may result from improper parking brake release for both drum and disc brakes, dragging brake pads due to defective caliper design or maintenance, excessive braking on extended down grades, and lowering of the brake-fluid boiling-point temperature through a high water content.

Fav is the piston application force. Ff is the friction force at the pad backing plate support. Moment balance about point A yields Fav c =Fd t p + Ff Force balance yields p 2 Fav = Fp + Fpµ pµ f 53 Brake Design and Safety Rotor Pad Backing Plate 1 2 Fp Fpiston Piston p C A 1 2 Ff Support tp Fd Figure 2-23. Uniform pad pressure with offset piston. ) c= 1 + µ pµ f (2-25) The offset computed by Eq. (2-25) produces a uniform pressure distribution for the data used. As the pad thickness decreases, uneven pad wear will result.

For our purposes we will define the terms as follows: Hazard is the potential for causing injury or loss; danger is the likelihood that a hazard will be involved in causing injury; risk is a person’s planned or inadvertent operation of a vehicle in such a manner that injury or harm may occur; and safety is a measure of the probability that a hazard or danger does not exist. We should be aware that the terms are often used interchangeably in the literature and by attorneys. An example may help to illustrate the use of the terms.

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