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Callahan's position is open for enterprise, and the entire "regulars" are here--a conversing puppy, an alcoholic vampire, and telepaths--enhancing their joys via drowning their sorrows. everybody, that's, yet Mickey Finn, a seven-foot tall alien at risk of enslavement by the hands of a traveler from around the galaxy...Come within, pull up a chair, order a drink, make a toast, and permit Spider Robinson introduce you to the main special consumers to widespread any institution, at a bar the place an important legislations is "shared discomfort is lessened; shared pleasure is increased." And if there is time left on the finish of the evening, simply probably they are going to retailer the world...

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If you don’t feel like telling us your troubles, I’ll coldcock the first guy that asks a leading question. But I strongly recommend that you unload. Little thing you might not know, having spent so many centuries alone-out in deep space: sometimes, just naming your burden helps. ” Finn thought it over. “You may be right, Michael. You always have been so far. In fact, you have stated my problem. I am alone. I have been alone for centuries. ” “The hell you say,” Long-Drink burst out. “Why, counting the regulars that ain’t in tonight, I make it about a hundred and fifty close friends you’ve got.

But I should have knocked first, and waited for Mike to open the door or holler “Come in,” and gone away if he didn’t. Which he wouldn’t have-there was no sign of him when I had closed the door behind me. But I failed to notice; once I’d wiped my glasses dry, I was too busy being thunderstruck. Do you remember that time I told you about once, when I walked into Callahan’s to find a mirror behind the bar, where no mirror had ever been before? And it disoriented me so much that I mistook my reflection for an approaching demon, with “horns” that were really the brim of my Stetson hat?

Respectfully. Carefully. ” I grinned. “You’ll see. Everyone else must have come by earlier and seen that sign down on the front door before it got rained on, they~ll be here soon. A merry crew, one and all. ” Her eyes widened-in horror. “God, no! ” She staggered. “Christ, that was close. ” “No, tonight is Tall Tales Night-and I’ll tell you, it takes a lot to qualify as a tall tale in Callahan’s. We’ve had a real-talking dog, for instance. And a whole slew of time travelers. ” I waved. ” She turned and saw him, and stood very still.

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