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The auto has continually been as a lot approximately variety as engineering, now not easily a method of transportation yet a standing image intended to provoke others and venture the luck of its proprietor. automobile layout is a finished selection of photos from eu, eastern, and American car ads campaigns of the final fifty years. Lavishly illustrated with over four hundred colour and black and white pictures of distinctively designed cars, this compendium could be considered as a decade-by-decade chronicle of purchaser tradition because global warfare II or as an a laugh examine vehicle tradition for lovers.

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Consummate networkers, the dealers described Jeeps enthusiastically to their many friends on the boards of local Little Leagues, charities and religious institutions. Jeep sales quadrupled during the 1970s. " The corpse of Jeep was definitely stirring. But a huge obstacle still remained for Meyers: government regulation. Jeeps, and the many sport utility vehicles that would follow them, were inherently less safe, less fuel-efficient and more polluting than cars. Their high, heavy, stiff underbodies, designed to take the punishment of scaling muddy mountain tracks, made them REVIVING A CORPSE 23 hard to stop during emergency braking and made them guzzle gas.

Countless trips to Washington by Meyers and his lieutenants, as well as considerable lobbying by General Motors and other automakers on the fuel-economy issue, had spared the Jeep division from spending billions of dollars on engineering work, if the division had been able to find scarce engineers at all. "It escaped regulation—we didn't have to worry about fuel economy much at all, we didn't have to worry about bumper height standards, we didn't have to worry about side-impact standards, we didn't have to worry about emissions standards," Meyers said.

Other loopholes, like those in the tire and bumper rules, remain to this day. SUVs were counted as light trucks for all these safety rules. Most important, American Motors fought off government efforts to address vehicle stability, the bane of Jeeps from their earliest days. The Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, better known as NHTSA, announced plans in 1973 to regulate how prone vehicles were to rolling over. But when the department had trouble measuring stability and the auto industry fought the idea vigorously, the department dropped the idea of issuingregulations.

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