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J. Pelleriti, Pres. Manufacturer of hydraulic presses and pressure casting systems; design and engineering of special equipment; inventor of the RAM Process and RAM Press. -Sales; John Tedesco, Serv. Mgr. Manufactures standard and custom furnaces, benchtop to production scale systems, furnace parts, heating elements and related equipment. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 115 REFRAC SYSTEMS 7201 W. C. ; Don Altvater, Controller Provides production vacuum hot-pressing up to 3800ºC; vacuum brazing for nickel, cobalt alloys, reactive, refractory and noble metals; specialists in planar high-volume diffusion bonding; aerospace, proprietary projects, and metallurgical R&D contracting services available.

Large inventories on hand for quick delivery or may be produced to customer specifications. -Sales; John Tedesco, Serv. Mgr. Manufacturer of furnaces, kilns, and lehrs for the traditional ceramics, decorating, and quartz annealing industries, as well as furnace parts, and heating elements. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 115 CHARLES A. com Robert A. Hones, Sales Engr. Manufactures Buzzer industrial-quality gas burners, including ring burners, drilled pipe burners, nozzle burners and venturi (air/ gas) mixers.

SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 121 HARROP INDUSTRIES INC. 3470 E. com D. O’Brien Designs and manufactures tapecasters, burnout ovens, kilns and plants for ceramic products. SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 6 HAUCK MFG. CO. O. ; Paul Palkovic, Prod. ; Brian Kelly, Gen. -Sales Manufacturer of low-NOx gas and oil combustion equipment, combustion controls, and combustion accessories. - GOODFELLOW CORP. uk Supplies ceramics, ceramic components, and specialist glass, as well as metals and other materials in small quantities for R&D and specialized production.

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