Chemorheology of Thermosetting Polymers by Clayton A. May (Eds.) PDF

By Clayton A. May (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841207941

ISBN-13: 9780841207943

ISBN-10: 0841210551

ISBN-13: 9780841210554

content material: technique automation : a rheological and chemical assessment of thermoset curing / C.A. may well, M.R. Dusi, J.S. Fritzen, D.K. Hadad, M.G. Maximovich, K.G. Thrasher, and A. Wereta, Jr. --
healing kinetics and mechanical houses of a resin matrix : results of impurities and stoichiometry / Gary L. Hagnauer, Peter J. Pearce, Bernard R. Laliberte, and Margaret E. Roylance --
Kinetics of acetylene-terminated resin treatment and its results on dynamic mechanical homes / I.J. Goldfarb, C.Y-C. Lee, and C.C. Kuo --
Acetylene-terminated resin treatments : air and nitrogen results / C.Y-C. Lee, C.C. Kuo, and I.J. Goldfarb --
Mechanism and kinetics of the curing technique in a resin procedure / J. Moacanin, M. Cizmecioglu, S.D. Hong, and A. Gupta --
Moisture-temperature results at the dynamic mechanical houses of epoxy polymers / Wayne J. Mikols and James C. Seferis --
Cross-linking response of an epoxy resin with phthalic anhydride / Elbert W. Crandall and Winston Mih --
Chemiluminescence of thermosetting resins / Clarence J. Wolf, Dale L. Fanter, and Michael A. Grayson --
Poly(n-butyl methacrylate) and poly(butyl methacrylate-co-acrylic acid) movies : dried from strategies of hydrogen bonding potential / Michael S. Chuu, Carl J. Knauss, Richard J. Ruch, and Raymond R. Myers --
medication of intaglio printing inks / D.L. Hunston, J.L. Rushford, W.R. Newitt, and B.A. Vandreuil --
Curing habit of segmented polyurethane adhesives / D. Mark Hoffman --
Rheological treatment transformation diagrams for comparing polymer therapy dynamics / Richard J. Hinrichs --
Curing kinetics of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins / Chang Dae Han and Kwok-Wai Lem --
Dynamic mechanical and dielectric homes of an epoxy resin in the course of remedy / W.X. Zukas, W.J. Macknight, and N.S. Schneider --
Reactive platforms : finite point research / Craig Douglas and David Roylance --
Kinetic version of medication reactions : aids to estate and processing predictions / H.S.-Y. Hsich, R.M. Zurn, and R.J. Ambrose --
Thermosetting coatings : analytical and predictive potential by means of chemorheology / Richard R. Eley --
Predictive types as aids to thermoset resin processing / M.R. Dusi, C.A. might, and J.C. Seferis.

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GOLDFARB, C. Y - C . L E E , and C. C. K U O 1 Materials Laboratory (AFWAL/MLBP), Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, O H 45433 Kinetics of the can be obtained by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) of the reaction exotherm and by disappearance of the ethynyl band in the infrared spectrum. Multiple scan DSC curves at various heating rates were utilized to obtain kinetic parameters for an acetylene terminated sulfone (ATS) which were compared with isothermal reaction rates.

Re * f o r e a c i l sample. For i s o t h e r m a l cures the extent o? r e a c t i o n o. a t time t. i s defined 1 a (7) i jSV^tot = where^2j^Hj i s the cumulative heat generated or area i n t e g r a t e d under the DSC exotherm curve over the time i n t e r v a l t ^ r O t o t . and AHj. i s the t o t a l heat or the sum o f the t o t a l i n t e g r a t e d areas. The extent o f r e a c t i o n i s assumed t o be p r o p o r t i o n a l t o the heat evolved d u r i n g cure. The r a t e o f r e a c t i o n i s d e f i n e d at or t ^ .

33 Impurities and Stoichiometry of Resin Matrix HAGNAUER ET A L . Results and D i s c u s s i o n GPC S t u d i e s . F i g u r e 3(a) and (b) i l l u s t r a t e s how the composition o f the p u r i f i e d TGMDA r e s i n formulated w i t h DDS (25%) changes during cure a t 177°C. The formation o f g e l corresponds to a marked decrease i n the c o n c e n t r a t i o n o f the higher MW products o c c u r r i n g between 30 and 40 minutes ( a l s o see Figure 1 ) . Focusing on the e a r l y stage o f cure p r i o r t o the onset o f g e l a t i o n , i s o l a t i o n and i d e n t i f i c a t i o n o f the r e a c t i o n products shows t h a t simple amine-to-epoxy a d d i t i o n i s the predominant r e a c t i o n .

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