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30 They were undoubtedly influenced in this decision by the example of the national school teachers, whose Irish National Teachers' Organization (INTO) had been in existence since 1868 and which had played such a vital role in their struggle for professional status. 31 AGITATION As the first decade of the new century drew to a close the coincidence of several factors seemed to suggest that some readjustment of the intermediate educational status quo was expedient if not inevitable. 32 The establishment of the National University also removed a recurring problem from the Irish political scene and left the chief secretary's hands free to grapple with the thorny issue of intermediate education reform.

27 Numerical weakness meant that the question of industrial action in any form was virtually ruled out. Organizational weakness com- 37 "An Invidious Distinction" pounded these difficulties. The secondary teachers had been part of an ineffective grouping known as the Association of Intermediate and University Teachers in Ireland since 1879. 28 It argued for a register of properly qualified teachers, security of tenure, pensions, and adequate salaries as basic prerequisites to making teaching a real and attractive profession.

This was attributed to the miserly salaries and absence of security of tenure and pensions. The English inspectors were nonetheless cautious in their recommendations regarding teacher qualification, recognizing it as a sensitive issue for the Catholic church. Diplomas in teaching were offered by Trinity College and the Royal University but prevailing circumstances made it impossible to insist on such qualifications. Large numbers of secondary teachers were Catholic religious and any proposed training program could not conflict with the rules and discipline required of these by the church.

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