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By Philip Heller

ISBN-10: 0782140777

ISBN-13: 9780782140774

Are looking to overcome of the main tricky programmer certifications? the recent version of the best-selling whole Java 2 Certification research advisor is the source you wish. Authors Philip Heller and Simon Roberts, builders of Sun's Programmer and Developer assessments for the Java 2 Platform, offer you every thing you must go the assessments the 1st time. This absolutely revised version is up to date for the alterations in either checks, together with assurance of latest targets for J2SE 1.4, a brand new emphasis on Swing and RMI, and knowledge for tackling the hot layout of the Developer examination. The e-book is additionally more desirable with all-new positive factors from Sybex's market-leading research publications, together with examination crucial sections to enhance key topic parts and real-world state of affairs sidebars with pattern programming assignments. The significant other CD comprises all of the overview questions from the publication, a convention programmer's examination, and a hundred and fifty random-test questions, together with a hundred new questions. The CD additionally encompasses a absolutely searchable digital version of the ebook.

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The cast: () Strictly speaking, the cast is not an operator. However, we discuss it as if it were for simplicity, because it fits well with the rest of our discussion. com The Unary Operators 35 The Increment and Decrement Operators: ++ and -These operators modify the value of an expression by adding or subtracting 1. So, for example, if an int variable x contains 10, then ++x results in 11. Similarly --x, again applied when x contains 10, gives a value of 9. In this case, the expression --x itself describes storage (the value of the variable x), so the resulting value is stored in x.

It is generally applied to two integers, although it can be applied to floating-point numbers, too. So, in school, we learned that 7 divided by 4 gives 1, remainder 3. In Java, we say x = 7 % 4;, and expect that x will have the value 3. The previous paragraph describes the essential behavior of the modulo operator, but additional concerns appear if you use negative or floatingpoint operands. In such cases, follow this procedure: Reduce the magnitude of the left operand by the magnitude of the right one.

They are listed in precedence order, with the highest precedence at the top of the table. Each group has been given a name for reference purposes; that name is shown in the left column of the table. Arithmetic and comparison operators are each split further into two subgroupings because they have different levels of precedence; we’ll discuss these groupings later. 1 Operators in Java, in Descending Order of Precedence Category Operators Unary ++ Arithmetic * / + - Shift << Comparison < == -- + !

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