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By Geoffrey Wilkinson, Robert D. Gillard, Jon A. McCleverty

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Intigrated into these subsections will be details of the various methods by means of which the surface is modified. 2 Surface Modified Electrodes Nafion modifid eiectrories Nafion (17) is a perfluorinated polymer related to teflan (polytetrafluoroethylene). An electrode is conveniently coated by allowing an ethanolic solution of the polymer to evaporate. g. 2). At the microscopic level the polymer separates into two phases, the bulk polymer and the lower density ionic cluster phase. 1 -(CF&Fdx(CFCF&- I O--(C~P~)-O-(CF~CF2)SO~- Na+ (17) The polymer coated electrode may be doped with an electroactive species by exposing it to a dilute solution of the chosen material.

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