Angelo Von Bogart's Hot Wheels Classics: The Redline Era PDF

By Angelo Von Bogart

ISBN-10: 1440219419

ISBN-13: 9781440219412

Combining candy-colored paint jobs with muscle automobile attitudes and southern California coo, sizzling Wheels automobiles replaced the toy international ceaselessly in 1968. For the subsequent 10 years as hundreds of thousands of children came upon the enjoyment of those miniature marvels, one small attribute got here to outline this radical die-cast period: the skinny crimson line at the autos tires. sizzling Wheels Classics: The Redline period proudly showcases greater than 500 striking colour images (so come of the best automobiles of this groundbreaking time.) Sprinkled in the course of the visible and ancient banquet, you'll benefit from the statement from mythical automobile fashion designer Larry wooden and different Mattel designers. greater than forty years of advent, scorching Wheels automobiles have skilled a mess of alterations, tremendous good fortune, trials and tribulations, and finally crafted one of many maximum American toy tales of all time. but is one unmarried characteristic from many years previous that ability defines for plenty of their maximum: the Redline.

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