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By Steven Haines, Stephen Potts

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Java Primer Plus courses the reader throughout the Java programming language from the fundamental suggestions (basic syntax, variable, literals, operators, loops, conditional statements, etc.) via complicated themes (RMI, JDBC, community socket programming, etc.). It offers a deep clarification of Java programming suggestions and applied sciences utilizing lecture room confirmed and confirmed ideas. What makes this e-book particular is that it spends the final half displaying the reader the best way to combine Java applied sciences into daily net comparable practices and with different applied sciences. * the twin function of the e-book is: * 1. to supply a whole advent to the Java programming language that balances concept with practicality: it's going to let readers to (1) turn into Java qualified programmers and (2) turn into effective of their Java improvement. * 2. to provide concrete event with integrating Java programming applied sciences.

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Java Primer Plus publications the reader during the Java programming language from the elemental options (basic syntax, variable, literals, operators, loops, conditional statements, and so on. ) via complex subject matters (RMI, JDBC, community socket programming, and so on. ). It offers a deep rationalization of Java programming techniques and applied sciences utilizing school room validated and confirmed ideas.

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Then you learned that through Java you could create meaningful names that refer to regions of memory using variables. The next step is to take those variables and do something meaningful with them. In this chapter, you will address all the mathematical operations you can perform in Java on primitive data types. Operators work in conjunction with operands, or the literal values or variables involved in the operation. There are unary operators, which are operators that operate on a single operand, as well as operators that operate on two or more variables.

So, if a right shift operator truly did shift the bits, it would move the sign bit to the right, and hence the number would not be equivalent to a division by a power of 2. The right shift operator performs the function that you would expect it to, but does not actually do a true shift of the value. If your intent is not to perform division but to perform some true bit operations, this side effect is not desirable. To address this, Java has provided a second version of the right shift operator (>>>) that shifts the bits to the right and fills the new bits with zero.

A truth table lists all the possible values and the required result. 2. 2. 2 tells you that if you have no charge on Signal A (0) and a charge on signal B (1), do not send a charge (0) (second row). But if you have a charge on signal A (1) and a charge on signal B (1), send a charge (the last row). Part I: Java Foundation 57 58 Part I: Java Foundation The operators covered thus far in this chapter have been manipulating the interpreted values of these bits (for example, if a was an int with the value 10, a + 1 is equal to 11), but there are some things that can be done directly with those 1s and 0s.

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