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By Jonn Mumford

ISBN-10: 1567184723

ISBN-13: 9781567184723

Entry your psychic facilities with this natural, unique Hindu method. Tattwas -- the traditional Hindu symbols of the 5 components (earth, air, fireplace, water and ether) -- act as triggers to the psychic layers of your brain in the course of the mixed strength in their geometrical shapes and their vibrating primal shades. Tattwas are amazingly powerful "psychic elevators" which can raise you to ever-higher degrees of psychological functioning. The airtight Order of the Golden sunrise has used the tattwas for meditation, scrying, astral go back and forth, and talismans. Now, with this new package, you should use the tattwas your self for divination and for bringing your self into altered states of attention. The twenty-five tattwa symbols are revealed on four x four playing cards in flashing colours (colors that once put subsequent to one another seem to flash or strobe). even supposing the geometrical shapes of the tattwas have lengthy been an essential component of the Western Magical culture, the flashing shades and their divinatory points have by no means prior to been to be had because the entire essential process provided right here.

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Useful accouterments to store with the set, include incense (Sandalwood), an incense holder, and a small hand bell. 8. For best results perform the simple, but potent, ritu­ al to Lord Ganesh, the friendly, chubby, elephant­ headed God-Ganesh is Shiva's son, and the remover of all obstacles-as a preliminary to each reading. A Word about Rituals David Ramsdale has pointed out the words "rite" and "right" are semantic cousins. The truth of ritual Significance may be revealed at a deeper level when we realize that the English word ritual (hence rite) etymologically derives from the Sanskrit prefix RI, "to flow with or away with.

As you sow so shall you reap. Galations 6:7 o Earth: Seeding; ploughing, establishing the foundation; commencing; putting a plan into action; inaugurating; instigating; launching; starting anything new, or anew. � Water: Fertilizing; germination; irrigation; project acceleration, associates and networking; relationships; organizing the "farm hands" for cooperative work. 6. Fire: Climatic heat incubating the crop; sprouting; "trial by fire;" creativity; optimism which should fall short of frenzy leading to "burnt fingers;" or over-confidence leaving you unprepared for drought; transformation and transmutation.

Light an incense stick and hold it in the right hand with the bell in the left hand. S. Make clockwise circles around Ganesh, with the incense stick, while gently ringing the bell with your left hand. 6. B. the "A" sound is as in father, never as in apple; the "0M" is pronounced as in Rome; "I" is as in see) GAM GAM GAM GANAPATEE GAM GAM GAM GANAPATEE GAM GAM GAM GANAPATEE OM OM OM 7. Putting the incense in the holder, and the bell back on the cloth, begin shuffling the deck while con­ centrating on your question.

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