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By Paul Tepper Fisher; Solomon Duskis

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In the end, we’ll always end up with a JDBC DataSource, and that’s all your code needs to care about. In our example, we’ll keep things simple. jdbc. jdbcDriver"/> Pretty simple, huh? Now, if we wanted to get a bit fancier, we could instead choose a popular database connection pool as our bean implementation. A connection pool is ideal for web applications in which multiple, concurrent database operations will be made.

No matter what persistence framework you choose, we recommend using a clean, layered approach for your persistence implementation. Spring encourages the use of DAOs; in fact, it has a variety of classes that make implementing the DAO pattern a snap. Let’s walk through the domain model, DAO, and service layers, step by step. Although controllers are a common layering pattern for user interaction, we won’t really cover controllers in this book; after all, they’re 22 Spring Persistence — A Running Start a fairly hefty subject on their own and they are two steps removed from the persistence layer, which is the subject of this book.

In the preceding example, we use the @Repository annotation, indicating that we are configuring a class with persistencerelated functionality. This will allow us to define a component scanner in our Spring configuration, through which Spring will search the appropriate package structure in order to find those classes that match the configured annotation type. jdbc package. It is also important to point out that we have added the @Autowired annotation above our setDataSource() setter, requesting that Spring inject a class of type DataSource into our JdbcPersonDao implementation.

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