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By Gerardo A. Lorenzino

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Previous stories have in comparison the verb word and the noun word of Palenquero (Colombia) and Papiamentu (Netherlands Antilles), leading to a greater figuring out of the interrelationship of those Caribbean creoles. This review in their structural similarities and ameliorations has back raised the problem in their origins. Palenquero and Papiamentu have definite gains that are tough to provide an explanation for with no relating their African part. it truly is much more tough to account for his or her diverging of their non-European linguistic positive factors, e.g. pluralization. This monograph offers the 1st morphosyntactic comparability of the entire Spanish-lexified creoles., together with Chabacano (Philippines). apart from the shared positive factors from Spanish, Chabacano might be anticipated to have special good points as a result of its specified Austronesian substrate, e.g. the Tagalog and Visayan languges. If we will be able to imagine that Chabacano underwent creolization in a fashion parallel to Palenquero and Papiamentu, convinced positive factors within the Philippine creole has to be obvious within the gentle of Austronesian linguistics. despite the fact that, this interpretation doesn't rule out different affects within the creole's genesis and improvement, e.g. that of the superstrate and common developments. After a quick bankruptcy at the social background of the 3 Spanish-lexified creoles, this paintings offers a comparative account of the noun word and verb word of Chabacano, Palenquero and Papiamentu, together with discussions of assorted sessions of determiners, the copula and the tense-aspect-modality approach.

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