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By Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 0671578057

ISBN-13: 9780671578053

An anthology positive factors tales of a lady reworked right into a leopard and pursued by means of a hunter who's greater than human, a meeting of romance writers that has a really strange vampire in its midst, the delusion global of Heralds of Valdemar, and different adventures.

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An anthology good points tales of a girl remodeled right into a leopard and pursued by means of a hunter who's greater than human, a meeting of romance writers that has a truly strange vampire in its midst, the myth global of Heralds of Valdemar, and different adventures.

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That includes seven tales and a novella, David Crouse’s strong debut assortment depicts humans staring down the complex mysteries in their personal identities. “Who are you? ” a homeless guy asks his would-be benefactor within the name tale. at the floor it’s an easy query, yet one who may stump some of the characters who inhabit those rigorously rendered stories.

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The One-Handed Pianist was once released to acclaim within the early 1990’s, with the two-part Spanish version profitable the Latino Literature Prize in 1989 and the Gamma Literature Prize in 1992. Its stories examine what it ability to be Jewish within the Hispanic world—a global during which spirituality is frequently exercised outdoors the world of orthodoxy.

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They all looked at each other. ” Dick asked, and gulped. Erica’s mouth formed a tight, thin line. “You, me, Jay and the cats. The cargo’s offloaded, and regs say you don’t need more than two crew on board in-station. ” Jay barked a laugh, and tossed long, dark hair out of his eyes. “Honey, I’m a comptech. Trust me, you can get past the security. ” Erica swore—but Jay stood up, wrapping the sheet around himself like a toga, and pushed her gently aside. “What can be hacked can be unhacked—or at least I can make it a lot more difficult for them to get in and make those alterations stick.

Which is where SCat escaped. ” he asked SCat. The cat slowly nodded. :They know he gone. He run, they chase. He try get home, they stop. He hear of me on dock, go hide in ship bringing mates. They kill he, get chance,: SKitty put in helpfully. He could picture it easily enough; SCat being pursued, cut off from the Patrol section of the station—hiding out on the docks—catching the scent of the mates being shipped for SKitty’s kittens and deciding to seek safety offworld. Cats, even shipscats, did not tend to grasp the concept of “duty”; he knew from dealing with SKitty that she took her bonds of personal affection seriously, but little else.

Both cats were born and bred—literally—for duty. Yes, they were cats, with a cat’s sense of independence and contrariness, but they took duty very, very seriously. And their duty was Vermin Control. This was a duty that went back centuries to the very beginnings of the association of man and cat, but until BioTech developed shipscats, never had a feline been better suited to or more cooperative in the execution of that duty. Furthermore, Dick now knew what few others did—that the shipscats so necessary to the safety of traders and their ships were actually a highly profitable byproduct of other research, secret research, designed to give the men and women of the Patrol uniquely clever comrades-in-arms.

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