From this advanced course you will learn how to setup and approach larger scale projects using Worksharing, Phasing and Design Options leading into more advanced modelling and detailing methods.  You will also learn how to work and create within the Conceptual Modelling environment before extending into Visualisation Techniques.

The Advanced course is intended to provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a well rounded Revit modeller that should be capable of working on all small to large scale projects.

With the Advanced Course you will cover the following aspects;

Module 1 | Project Setup and Formatting 

  • Start a New Project Based on a Template
  • Create Project Phases
  • Assigning the Phasing settings to a view
  • Setup Design Options for the project
  • Making a Design Option the Primary Option
  • Accepting the Primary Design Option
  • Workset enabling the Project
  • Adding Model Elements to a Workset
  • Making and granting Editing requests
  • Detach from Central file to become a standalone file

Module 2 | Advanced Modelling Techniques

  • Create a new Wall, Floor & Roof type and construction
  • Adding Wall Sweeps/ Reveals to the model
  • Adding Slab Edges to the model
  • Creating and working with Stacked Walls
  • Using split face tool and applying materials / tags
  • Beam systems for Architectural use (Floor joists, Rafters, Purlins)
  • Using images / Decals for rendering
  • Creating Area plans and legends
  • Working with Linked Revit Project Files
  • Manipulating a 3D view with Linked Models
  • Using Project Coordinates with linked Revit models
  • Relocate / Mirror Project Position
  • Coordination tools
  • Creating Standard and Custom Stairs
  • Working with Railings
  • Creating Ramps
  • Creating Roofs by Extrusion
  • Creating Soffits

Module 3 | Advanced Detailing Techniques

  • Creating and using Material Tags
  • Creating and using Annotative Detail Component Tags
  • Creating and using Wall Tags
  • Creating Advanced Schedules
  • Creating Graphic Door & Window schedules
  • Creating Legend Keys
  • Creating and using View Templates
  • Creating Sheet Lists

Module 4 | Working with Masses 

  • Overview of Massing
  • Placing Basic Massing elements
  • Massing Studies
  • Creating conceptual Massing
  • Dynamic editing for Conceptual Massing
  • From Massing to Building

Module 5 | Visualisation Techniques

  • Overview of Rendering with Revit
  • Creating still frame camera views
  • Creating a walkthrough
  • Basic Rendering with Revit
  • Working with Lighting
  • Enhancing Renderings

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