Our Revit Families Training course has been developed to provide the experienced Revit user with all the knowledge required to make your own in house Revit Families of all variations ranging from Annotation Tags to 2D detail Components, 3D Loadable Component Families, Line based Families and even Adaptive Component Families.  After completing this course you should have the skills and ability to create virtually any type of family required to suit your company or project needs.

The course is a Two day course that covers the following topics:

Revit Families Fundamentals

  • Family Editor Environment
  • Family Creation Guidelines
  • In-Place Families

Module 1 | Annotation Tag Families

  • Annotative Material Tag Family
  • Symbolic Material Tag Family
  • Annotative Detail Item Tag Family

Module 2 | 2D Detail Component Families

  • Detail Component family for Window joinery Profile
  • Detail Component with Visibility Parameter
  • Profile Family
  • 2D Line based Family

Module 3 | 3D Families

  • Loadable Component Window Family
  • Create an In-place Window Family
  • Create a 3D Line Based Family
  • Create a Nested Component Family

Module 4 | Advanced Families

  • Using Array’s with Families
  • Add some Formula’s to the Family
  • Create an Adaptive Component Family

If you would like to find out more about our Revit Families Training Course please call us or enquire via email here