Our Revit Managers course is aimed at those Revit users who are looking to advance to a higher level of knowledge beyond that of a typical Revit user in terms of taking more of a leadership role in the company.  This is making the assumption that you have the level of modelling knowledge that would be gained from our Advanced Revit course and instead of focusing on actual modelling skills will give you an introduction to more of the Project and Model management aspects typically required of a Revit Manager.

The course is a one day course that covers the following topics:

Fundamentals of BIM

  • What is BIM?
  • Revit Overview
  • The Varying stages of Revit Users
  • In-house Revit Training Recommendations

Module 1 | Revit Processes

  • Revit Installations and Deployments
  • Custom Revit.ini File
  • Revit Options and Settings
  • Revit Parameters (Project parameters, Shared Parameters, Family Parameters)
  • Setting up a Company Revit Template

Module 2 | Revit Procedures & Workflows

  • Revit Project Procedures
  • Transfer Project Standards
  • Export Options and Settings
  • Coordination Settings
  • Interference Checks & Reports
  • Reviewing Project Warnings
  • Project Management and Clean-up
  • Workflows & Best Practices
  • Workflow Options for Design Suite Users
  • Worksetting Best Practices and Guidelines
  • Autodesk Design Review with Revit for markup’s

If you would like to find out more about our Revit Managers Training Course please call us or enquire via email here