It would seem that many of you that have made the upgrade to Revit 2013 are not liking the new method to Edit a Family by simply double clicking on it which has been introduced into the 2013 version.  Previously you would select the family and if you wanted to edit it you would click the Edit Family toll on the Ribbon to launch the Family Editor environment.  If you are not already aware, in 2013 you can simply double click on the family component in ay view to launch the Family Editor – sounds like a good idea doesn’t it??

If you are wanting to edit a 3D family component such as a door, window or furniture then yes it may well be.  However what about other family items such as titleblock families or tag families where in that case the double clicking is intended to enter data into the tag – not launch the family editor to open the family.  If you’re a little to click efficient then that is exactly what will happen hence it is causing increasing frustration for revit users.

OK but there must be a way to disable that feature in Revit 2013 isn’t there?  It would seem that no there is not the ability to disable this new enhancement so you have to live with it.

All we can say is that for the gun ho clickers you need to force yourself to slow down your clicking to adopt the Touch-Paude-Engage rule for revit families.  Yes for a change you are forced to do something slower instead of faster, so click once to select the family, pause, then click again to enter data etc for things like tags or titleblock families.