Are you having issues working wth Revit either in-house trying to achieve required aspects of your own project needs or collaborating with other consultants also working in Revit as part of a project design team?

If so don’t sit there beating your head against the wall – contact Graphic Dimensions Limited and enquire about our Revit Consultancy Services.  Whether you come from a large organisation, a small practice  without a dedicated Revit / BIM manager, or a sole practitioner we can offer you an external Revit Consultancy service  either on an as need hourly rate basis or an ongoing monthly service.

As part of this service we can assist you with the following aspects of Revit model management and BIM management:

  • Initial front end project setup assistance to get your projects off to the right start from the begining
  • Assistance with Revit content creation such as 2D families, 3D families, Titleblock setups, Library management of your Revit support files etc
  • Revit installations and deployments
  • Company template setups and reviews
  • Model reviews for accuracy and performance
  • Assitance and guidance with model exchange and coordination with other consultants
  • Interference checking and coordination reviews
  • Rendering and presentation
  • In-house block training sessions

Good robust project setup and procedures is vital to the BIM process which revolves around the collaboration and sharing of your Revit project files so for small to medium practices that may not be in a position to employ an in-house Revit / BIM manager then utilizing our Revit Consulting Service to work along side your team in your own environment is a sensible option.

For larger companies that may be wanting key personel to fulfil this role in-house then again utilizing our Revit Consultancy Service to start with is a sensible means of upskilling team members to ultimately reach the required knowledge level for this role whereby we can offer our Consultancy services on an as need basis.

So talk to us today to see how we can help streamline and improve your Revit process and workflows saving you time, money, mistakes and re-work.